Kids Of Human Heater Fund.

 We are a one income family of four. I have not worked in 9 or 10 years due to medical reasons. My wife makes life possible for us to live, she has worked hard to take care of me and our 2 children,  We are not poor, but do live pay check to pay check. It sucks when you want to give your children a surprise but cant afford it.. So this IS FOR THEM, I want to make them happy. They deserve it !!!

              They have been asking a lot lately about family and want to live by them. 

 Some of you know me but most of you don't, for the ones that don't, we live in Alaska and all of our family is in Oregon..  My kids are now 8 & 11 and have only seen family a couple times.  I want to move my kids there... It would be the ultimate gift to them.

I have seen lots of different subjects like the one I am proposing so I thought I would try it. The donations will be going to a great cause. they will not be wasted.

Our goal is to get to Portland to be with family..  

Please help make this gift to my children possible...  Its much appreciated and loved.   Just click the DONATE button below, Its safe and secure with pay-pal. I have been with them and ebay for 10yrs now ...  

U can also leave us a note below..  thanx so much :)

Portland Oregon
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